Community closets have become an increasingly popular resource for schools nationwide, providing a valuable service to students and staff alike. In Alameda, California, the Do Good Community Closets are leading this movement by offering free supplies and necessities to those in need. We're extending our reach to support Oakland's community.

Community closets are simple yet impactful - donations of items such as clothing, school supplies, nonperishable foods, and toiletries are collected and made available to students and staff who may not have the means to purchase them independently. These closets often become a lifeline for families struggling with financial constraints, as they provide essential items at no cost.

Do Good Closet FAQs

What is a Do Good Closet?

Working with the schools currently involved, they've created a space where students and their families can pick up needed items. 

How does the Do Good Closet work?

AGLF supplies the Do Good Closet with clothes, food, toiletries, and other household items. Students & their families are helped to acquire the things they need.

How can I donate to the Do Good Closet?

Donating is easy! Contact us, visit our donate page, or visit one of our donation drives.

How can I volunteer for the Do Good Closet?

Please fill out a volunteer form here, and we'll contact you.

How can I get help from the Do Good Closet?

If you're a student at any Oakland school listed, please let the office staff know about your situation, and they will contact you.

What are the Do Good Closet's hours?

Hours vary from campus to campus. It's best to check with office staff to find out their hours.

Where is the Do Good Closet located?

Above, you will see a list of current locations in Oakland.