At Esperanza Elementary School in Oakland, there is a special community closet that serves not only students and their families but also educators and staff. This unique initiative, known as the Do Good Community Closet, offers much more than just clothing - it also provides food and supplies to those in need.

The idea behind the Do Good Community Closet is simple yet powerful: to help those in the school community who may be facing financial struggles and could use some extra support. The closet is stocked with a variety of donations, ranging from gently used clothing and shoes to non-perishable food items and essential supplies like toothpaste, soap, and school materials.

Managed by dedicated volunteers and funded through generous donations from local businesses and community members, this community closet serves as a crucial resource for many families and individuals in the school community. It not only provides practical assistance but also fosters a sense of solidarity and support among all members of the school community.