At All Good Living Foundation, we are committed to helping underprivileged youth in our communities. With that goal in mind, we have developed and implemented programs to enrich their lives: the School Incentive Program, Do Good Sports Club, and Do Good Community Closets.

The School Incentive Program rewards students who excel academically or show improvement in their studies. Investing in education will help set young people up for success. Learn more here.

Do Good Sports Club is designed to foster a passion for physical activity while building teamwork skills. We focus on providing resources at a much lower cost and, in some cases, no cost, including equipment, mentoring/coaching, transportation, etc. By providing these resources, our non-profit is working to give access to children in our communities that have been historically left out of organized sports because of these costs.

Finally, the Do Good Community Closets program provides healthy snacks, clothing, hygiene products, and other essential items to those in need. We work with the school district and schools to arrange on-site closets that are open to any student and their families and educators.

Our organization works hard to provide resources that empower our youth with the skills they need to grow into their best selves. By supporting education, physical activity, and basic needs, we can equip young people for success now and prepare them for the future. Together, we can ensure no one gets left behind and create a better tomorrow for our youth. Thank you for taking the time to learn how your support helps underserved youth in our community reach their full potential with the help of our School Incentive Program, Do Good Sports Club, and Community Closets.