Our organization has always been about neighbors helping neighbors, especially our neighborhood children. We have been steadily working on multiple school community closets, with several already up and running.
What is a school community closet? It's a safe place for students who need to come and pick up their basic necessities. The community closets are set up on campus where it's easily accessible and discreet, and the kids can feel comfortable going there to get what they need free of cost.
And what can they find in their school community closet? We supply a range of items that kids need daily, such as clothes and shoes, toiletries, and household items like toilet paper. There, they can find a caring school staff member to help them out, and most of all, they will find hope. 
  • Ruby Bridges Elementary School: 351 Jack London Ave, Alameda
  • Franklin Elementary School  1433 San Antonio Ave, Alameda
  • Paden Elementary School: 444 Central Ave, Alameda,
  • Will C. Wood Middle School: 420 Grand St, Alameda
  • Nea/ACLC Community Learning Center: 1900 3rd St, Alameda
  • Academy of Alameda: 401 Pacific Ave, Alameda
  • Encinal Jr. & Sr. High School: 210 Central Ave, Alameda
  • Alameda High School:   2200 Central Ave, Alameda
  • Otis Elementary School:   3010 Fillmore St., Alameda
  • Lincoln Middle School: 1250 Fernside Blvd, Alameda

Do Good Closet FAQs

What is a Do Good Closet?

Working with the schools currently involved, they've created a space where students and their families can pick up needed items. 

How does the Do Good Closet work?

AGLF supplies the Do Good Closet with clothes, food, toiletries, and other household items. Students & their families are helped to acquire the items they need.

How can I donate to the Do Good Closet?

Donating is easy! Contact us, visit our donate page, or visit one of our donation drives.

How can I volunteer for the Do Good Closet?

Please fill out a volunteer form here, and we'll contact you.

How can I get help from the Do Good Closet?

If you're a student at any Alameda school, please let the office staff know about your situation, and they will contact you. Or to get in touch with us directly, visit our Resource Inquiry page here.

What are the Do Good Closet's hours?

Hours vary from campus to campus. It's best to check with office staff to find out their hours.

Where is the Do Good Closet located?

Above, you will see a list of current locations in Alameda.