Encinal Do Good Community Closet is a service designed for students, their families, and staff of Encinal Jr. & Sr. High School to provide free snacks, school supplies, and other essential items. In addition to providing these essential items to our community members in need, the Community Closet also serves as a hub of giving – inspiring others to give back by donating unused or extra things to our cause. The Community Closet is always accepting donations, and we continually replenish our inventory with new items – providing everyone in the community a place to find what they need. 

All monetary donations go toward replenishing and stocking Do Good Community Closets.


Adult Items Qty
Footwear 88
Women's Bottoms 1985
Women's Tops 1985
Men's Bottoms 6
Men's Tops 8
Men's Underwear 126
Zippered hoodies 72
Girls Items Qty
Bottoms 25
Tops 53
Footwear 120
Boy's Items
Tops 53
Bottoms 25
Footwear 120
Baby & Toddler Items
Bottles 11
Garments 100
Diapers 324
Footwear 26
Socks 10
Pacifiers 12
Receiving Blankets 12
Ecco Men's Golf Shoes 13/13.5 1
Ecco Women's Golf Shoes 11
Football 1
Hoka Track Shoes 6
Hygiene Products 415
Toilet Tissue 25
Nonperishable snacks 100
Cleaning Products 947
School Supplies 76