The Do Good Community Closet, our initiative that provides clothing, food, and supplies to students and their families, educators, and staff in need, has expanded its reach to North Carolina. With the support of The West Family and the goal of reaching more out-of-state schools, this expansion aims to help even more individuals in need.

One of our biggest goals is to share our Do Good Community Closet nationwide. Our organization collects donations from local businesses and community members to stock their free "closet," where individuals can come and select items they need. With this expansion, the Do Good Community Closet hopes to positively impact students and their families throughout America by providing them with essential items that they otherwise may not have access to. This initiative also supports educators and staff who often spend their money on supplies for their classrooms. By expanding to North Carolina, the Do Good Community Closet can support a larger community and raise awareness about the importance of helping those in need.

With this expansion, the Do Good Community Closet is providing aid and creating a sense of community and support for those struggling. With the help of local businesses, donors, and volunteers, the Do Good Community Closet can significantly impact the lives of students, educators, and staff nationwide. This expansion is a testament to our commitment to helping others and highlights the importance of coming together to support those in need. With continued efforts and dedication, the Do Good Community Closet and All Good Living Foundation are impacting communities across state lines.