At Markham Elementary School in Oakland, there is a special place that serves not only students and their families but also educators and staff. This place is called the Do Good Community Closet. It is a resource center that provides clothing, food, and supplies to those in need within the school community.

The Do Good Community Closet was established with the belief that every student should have access to basic necessities without any barriers. The idea started when teachers noticed that students were coming to school in clothing that was too small or worn out, and some even had no jackets during the cold winter months. With this in mind, the Do Good Community Closet began as a small collection of donated items intended to help only a few students.

However, as word spread about the closet and its purpose, it quickly grew into something much bigger. Now, the Do Good Community Closet has a dedicated room in several schools filled with clothing in various sizes and styles for all seasons. In addition to clothing, a food pantry provides nutritional snacks for students, educators, and other staff.

But the Do Good Community Closet serves more than just students. Educators, paraprofessionals, and janitorial staff members are also encouraged to utilize the resources if needed. This creates a sense of community and support within the school, where everyone looks out for one another.