The Partnership of AGLF and David and Lesley West: Bringing the Do Good Community Closet to Raleigh, NC

When we think of high school and elementary students, we often imagine them as carefree children enjoying their youth. However, for many underprivileged students in Raleigh, North Carolina, their reality is far from carefree.

In fact, according to a recent study, nearly 60% of students in Raleigh's Mary Phillips High School and Conn Elementary schools come from low-income households. These students often face many challenges outside their academic studies, including lacking basic necessities such as clothing, nonperishable food, school supplies, and toiletries.

In response to this issue, AGLF has partnered with David and Lesley West to open a new Do Good Community Closet in Raleigh, NC, the Do Good West's Community Closet. This partnership aims to provide a solution to the problem of a lack of basic needs for underprivileged students and their families, as well as educators, paraprofessionals, and janitorial staff, to bring about positive change in their lives.

With the West's support, AGLF will be able to establish a permanent location for the Community Closet in Raleigh, making it easily accessible to students from Mary Phillips High School and Conn Elementary.

This partnership will provide necessities to those in need and promote a sense of community involvement and giving back. AGLF, David, and Lesley West hope to inspire others to get involved and positively impact their local community.