In 2019 we began our pilot incentive program with our local schools. Increasing attendance, raising grades, and improving all-around performance at school is the main focus. One school we have been working with is Wood School; their goal was to increase the GPAs of some of their students. By the end of the 2019/2020 school year, Wood School reported that 17 students had increased their grade point averages. Because they worked so hard, they were each rewarded with gift certificates and received their tablets. Paden School provided us with their updated attendance records which showed a drop in chronic absenteeism, 13% in January 2018/19, down to 8% in January 2019/20!

We always want our kids to perform at their best; what parent doesn't? We want to bring our kid's morale back up; we want their attitudes to change about school; we want to see them flourish! Our incentive program can and has done that. School staff offers this program to students who can use the grade boost; if they stick with the plan and reach their goals, we reward them with awesome stuff!

If your school wants to learn more about our Incentive Program, contact us on our Contact Us page.