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Paden Elementary, Putting Their Students First

Paden Elementary School has stepped up to the plate for its students. When we first began working with Paden School, we held a donation drive for needy students and other schools. We collected donations of toiletries, and it was a great turnout. Then, we put our heads together and thought, why not always have these items available? 

Paden opened the first free toiletry store right on campus. This is a discreet way for students can get the personal hygiene products necessary for everyday living. It’s been working out splendidly. We help gather those items, and they stock their store; kids quickly come in and grab what they need.

Circumstances that not only occur in Paden but most schools are the drop in attendance, lower grades, and behavior issues that appear to affect those students who are homeless or in severe financial crisis. Being a kid is hard; being an underprivileged kid is far more complicated. Teasing, feeling ashamed, and all those insecurities will bring a child down, reflecting on their performance in school. That’s why we collaborated on the Incentive Program. 

This program allows students to increase their performance in school at their pace, all while earning rewards. They commit to the program and are rewarded with great prizes when their goal has been made. This program has been an enormous success, and we are so happy to participate!

Paden School rocks. Well, it gets better! They have just launched their FREE clothing store on campus. We are so proud to be a part of their dream to have all children succeed in school. Paden Elementary School is truly a school that stands by and for its children, making its environment a haven for all.