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Alameda Cares!

COVID-19 is still a worldwide issue as we approach our eighth month of the SIP order. We are all experiencing this differently, some having a more challenging time than others. There is hope for the families in our community who have experienced job loss, the loss of childcare, dealing with health concerns, and food or financial insecurities. School volunteers of Alameda have created a relief fund for families called Alameda Cares.

Alameda Cares works hard to relieve some pressure off families who need support. The relief fund is set up so families in need can reach out for help, and families that want to support local families can donate. Relief awards will be distributed as rapidly as possible to families in need. Assistance will be provided to families of school-age children who need financial support to pay rent and utilities and buy groceries. Once a family applies, they will be contacted by a volunteer to discuss their situation with complete confidentiality. All applications can be given in language-specific translation, and a translator can be provided if needed. The Alameda Cares program relies on community members, individuals, and organizations, to donate to the program to raise the funds necessary to keep Alameda families in their homes, safe and healthy. All donations are tax-deductible. All Good Living Foundation has set up a link on our website for people to access quickly, whether they want to apply for assistance or donate. All information submitted to Alameda Cares is confidential, and applicants will remain anonymous.